28 Jul 2021

Pink.gr Body Positivity campaign

This summer, we decided to boost your feed with color and positive thinking, so we created the most optimistic and colorful body positivity campaign!

We asked female Greek painters, sketch artists and illustrators to give life to our project, a campaign for Pink.gr from one woman to another. And a message that they must have in their mind: They are all perfect as they are – at every size, height and weight!

A body positivity campaign, because we grew up with insecurities – and the image of a woman almost unrealistic penetrated so deeply inside us, that we never managed to reach her. Because every spring we google “diets”. Because every summer we feel inadequate with our image. Because every year, we spend money to improve the “orange peel skin”.

12 magnificent sketches that became collectible postcards will be received by all our associates, people who inspire us and our favorite concept stores in Athens and Thessaloniki, in order to spread the same message together!

At the same time, in Pink.gr profiles on Facebook and Instagram, we created our new filters, for a more fun and colorful summer!

Happy Summer!

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