05 Mar 2021

E-Radio celebrated World Radio Day with you!

On February 13th, we celebrated the World Radio Day. For 20 years now, E – Radio has proven that it supports every aspect around the radio. Our website users can listen to the best Greek and Cypriot radio stations, with the best classification, on the most up-to-date catalogue. So we wanted to celebrate World Radio Day. Of course, with you…

We asked our Instagram followers to send dedications to their loved ones, and for a day, our Instagram page was converted to a radio station. Our aim was to deliver your dedications to them, through our Instagram Stories.

More than 100 people exchanged their heartfelt dedications via E- Radio. Mothers thanked their children, couples dedicated loved songs to one another and loyal friends sealed their friendship! We enjoyed this day and we would like to thank all of you who participated. We promise that we will come back next year, the same day, with the same mood!

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