06 Jul 2016

E-Agenda: Supporting culture!

For many years, E-Agenda has been supporting culture in all of its forms. Here you can find concerts, festivals, theatre shows, performances and live gigs, not just for adults, but also for children. We work with cultural venues in Athens and Thessaloniki to bring people together by promoting the arts and delivering our readers suggestions for their night – or day – out.

Throughout the years E-Agenda has been a dynamic supporter of major festivals and events in Greece and abroad, such as the Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Reworks, TEDx, River Party, Athens Pride, Sani Festival and many more!

Here you will discover:

Festivals: Information about music festivals, theatre, art-related activities, and happenings across Greece.

Nightlife: Nightlife is a big part of the Greek culture. Here anyone can plan their night out no matter how hard they want to party! It could be a big or small music venue, a raging party at a club, or even a music ensemble at the Greek bouzoukia.

Events: Arts, bazaar, free admission events and street parties. At E-Agenda you can always find out what’s happening in the city!

Theatre and performing arts: Theatre/Dance shows, Performances, you name it!

Suggestions: E-Agenda supports creativity and artistic expression. We sponsor, mediate and communicate cultural events across Greece and abroad that we believe our audiences will value.

Cinema: E-Agenda shares weekly information about the latest movie releases, along with trailers and informed commentary.

Live Concerts: E-Agenda provides everything you need to know about upcoming concerts and gigs! Find venues, tour dates, ticket prices and all the useful information you need to know. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience your favorite artists live!

Invitations: Have the chance to be our guest and experience all of the above for free! Just participate to our competitions. You never know when you’ll be the lucky one!

E-Agenda is an independent brand, supporting its sister brands; E-Radio and E-Daily.

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